When was the last time you tried something for the first time?

As this question can be applied to almost any situation or project you are currently involved with, I am specifically referring to your fitness/health/muscle-building/fat loss goals.

It may not need to get that far. You could ask yourself: When was the last time I tried something different, authentic, unconventional or unique in the gym? Something most, if not all are not doing. Something that goes against the grain of conventional practice but WORKS!


I guess the first question you need to ask is:


You spend countless hours lifting, pushing, pulling, curling and pressing. Are you making real world, steady, consistent gains or are you following the herd’s cookie cutter, cloned training and eating plan?


Close the gap! The gap I refer to here is the one between your goals, desires and image of what you want to accomplish and what you are actually doing with your time in and out of the gym. Don’t follow trends for the sake of following what everyone else is doing. Blaze your own trail and truly find your path to those goals.

Many talk about how they want to look or perform, but few actually look like they are trying to get there. Talking too much, resting too long, not training intense enough, missing meals, partying too much, etc.

Your actions must match your vision.


Carb backloading, intermittent fasting, long term fasting, the 5-3-1 method, 5 x 5, German Volume Training – the list goes on. Trends in fitness are not new – they have come and gone faster than a Tyler Perry movie.

Sure many of the above mentioned methods are scientifically sound with piles of research with many trainers benefitting with very significant results. But what about you? Will it work for you?



If all of these methods worked, then everyone would adopt them, put them into good practice and look the same. The fact is everyone is different, has different genetics, different lifestyles, stressors, obligations and countless other factors that contribute to how their bodies will respond to certain protocols.


The point of all this is to be honest with yourself. Have a plan in place that produces results for YOU. Following what everyone else is doing without justifiable cause leads to nowhere fast. Be authentic, design your plan with you in mind and screw whoever shoots down your plan. Put it into action, work like hell and don’t look back.



Reassess, make adjustments and drive forward.

When people ask me what I am training on a certain day I usually will respond with,“Chest, back, shoulders, calves and abs” or “arms, calves, quads and hams.” They usually give me a funny look and either don’t believe me or think I am absolutely nuts!

Is it unique to me? Yes. Is it unorthodox? To the norm it is. Does it work for me? Absolutely!

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