The Top Nutritional Mistakes Women Are Making


By: Intense-Fitness Writers

If you’re a female who is looking to improve your overall body image, get in shape, and achieve the body of your dreams, it’s very important that you stop and take some time to consider what you’re eating on a daily basis.

One big mistake far too many women make is putting all the emphasis on their workout programs in the gym, without even considering what they’re doing in the kitchen.

While there’s no question that getting together a good gym workout will be a smart move, the fact remains, if you want to actually change how your body looks, it’s time to start looking at your food intake.

It’s simply too hard to make up for a bad diet by exercising in the gym – unless of course you have hours and hours a day to devote to those workout sessions.  And even then, if you’re constantly doing more and more exercise to try and overcome a high calorie intake due to poor food choices, eventually the body is going to grow very tired and you’ll either end up severely overtrained or else burnt out and injured.

Simply put, your diet and workout must go hand in hand if you want to achieve success. By only focusing on one factor the equation, you’re missing out on half the potential results you could be seeing.

Now, all of this said, there are a number of huge mistakes that many women make with their diet program so we’re going to clear up some of these mistakes for you today so that you can be sure that you get on a program that is going to have you headed towards success.

Make sure to read through all of these and ensure they aren’t factoring in with your approach.


Shunning All Carbohydrates


The very first big mistake that many women make is jumping right onto the anti-carb bandwagon and shunning all carbohydrates from their diet.

They believe that carbohydrates are the enemy and if they want to get the lean body they desire, they need to eliminate all bread, pasta, rice, cereal, fruit – basically, anything with more than 2 grams of carbs.  If it has carbs, it’s gone!

This, however, is a big mistake.

While there’s no question that reduced carbohydrate diets can help to move fat loss along faster, the problem with completely abandoning your carbohydrate intake is that then you won’t have any energy to complete those workout sessions (since intense exercise requires glucose as a fuel source), and more importantly, your metabolism is going to crash hard.

Carbohydrate intake is closely connected to your overall metabolic rate and when you drop carbohydrates out of your diet too much, the metabolism slows down significantly.  With a slower overall metabolic rate this means you’re burning fewer and fewer calories daily, therefore you’re never going to be seeing the fat loss results you’re looking for.

Instead, cut back on carbs, but don’t cut them out completely.  Focus on quality and quantity and they can be a part of your healthy diet plan.


Going Completely Fat Free


Moving along, the second big mistake that far too many women are making with their diet is going to completely fat free.  They see ‘fat free’ and think that whatever food product they’re holding is definitely safe on their get-lean diet plan.

Not so.

The problem with completely fat free products is that often these are made of very refined carbohydrates and have a whole bunch of added sugar.  This means you’re going to get a rapid insulin spike followed by a blood sugar crash, which is just going to drive you further to eat more simple carbohydrates once again.

This is a very evil cycle that can easily have you eating hundreds of more calories per day than you should be, but it’s one far too many women get hooked on because they are so scared of anything with a little bit of dietary fat.

Remember, dietary fat won’t instantly turn to fat in the body.  It only gets converted to fat if you consume too many calories. If you keep your calorie intake in check, fat will actually be beneficial for fat loss purposes since it’ll help calm your hunger and keep you feeling satisfied longer.

Not to mention the fact that the body does need healthy fats for a wide variety of different purposes, so eliminating this nutrient entirely would be a very bad move.


Not Taking In Enough Protein


Moving on to our next big error you have taking in too little protein. If there’s one change that almost every woman should make to her diet, increasing her protein intake is it.

Simply put, if you’re not getting enough protein, your metabolism will be running slower and you could be at risk for lean muscle mass loss.

Protein is the most important nutrient to eat on any fat loss diet, yet one most women don’t get enough of.

Choose lean protein sources such as chicken breasts, turkey breast, lean red meat, egg whites, fish and seafood, and low fat dairy products with each and every snack you consume.


Going ‘Vegetarian’ Improperly


Then you have those women who figure that going vegetarian is a great way to help promote faster weight loss. They start cutting out all animal products, thinking that in doing so they’ll really be reducing their calorie and saturated fat intake.

While in some cases they may reduce their saturated fat intake, the problem with most vegetarian diets is that they’re lacking in protein, they have an overabundance of starch-based carbohydrates (rice, pasta, bagels, cereals, etc), and they aren’t providing enough calcium, zinc, or iron.

If you’re not carefully planning out a vegetarian diet, you very likely are eating poorly as far as overall nutrient status goes.

Being vegetarian does not give you a free pass to feast on high carb foods all day so if that’s what you’re doing, you’re headed towards weight gain.


Avoiding Dairy Products


Speaking of dairy products, this is yet another mistake that far too many women make.  They figure that all dairy products will encourage fat gain on their body and avoid them because of it.

The problem here is that while some dairy products do definitely contain too much saturated fat and calories (such as high fat milk, cheese, or ice cream for instance), there are plenty of low fat dairy products that are perfectly healthy, will supply your body with needed calcium, and also help offer a great dose of protein.

All of those nutrients women typically aren’t taking in enough of, so dairy fits the bill perfectly.  Instead of shunning dairy, choose wisely.  Opt for skim milk, low fat cottage cheese, or Greek yogurt. These will all be healthy selections and will actually encourage overall fat loss.

Finally, one important thing to note about dairy is that those who actually make dairy a regular part of their diet tend to show greater fat loss from the abdominal region specially.

So if getting six pack abs is something that you’re striving for, you definitely do not want to overlook the benefits that dairy holds for you.


Reducing Calories Too Far


The next mistake to cover that many women make with their diet plan is reducing back their calories way too far.  They get stuck in the mindset that if a 500 calorie reduction is good, 1000 calories must be better.

Before they know it they’re consuming only 800 calories per day and are pairing this together with at least one hour of cardio training a day as well.

Bad move.

The problem with going too low with your calorie intake is that this low calorie diet will cause the metabolism to slow down as well and the body will start to hold onto its body fat stores for safety purposes.

At this low of a calorie intake the body does actually think that you’re starving and it’s going to do its best to ensure survival. It doesn’t understand you just want to shed that stubborn fat on your lower abs – it thinks you’re dying.

If you want to experience the fastest overall rate of fat loss, you do want a good calorie deficit in place, but not one that forces the body to really slow down.  Aim for 300-500 calories maximum.

Beyond that you’re just going to suffer.

So there you have some of the biggest nutritional mistakes that many women are making today with their approach to their diet.  Do you recognize yourself in any of these?

If you do, it’s time to make some changes because getting a good diet in place will really make or break your results. If you’ve struggled in the past with weight loss attempts and just don’t understand what you should be doing to move forward, have a good look at your diet.

Chances are that’s where the problem is and as soon as you get that corrected, you’ll easily be right back on track and moving closer and closer to reaching your dream body.


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