The Benefits of Lifting Heavier With Your Female Workout Program


By: Intense-Fitness Writers

If you’re a woman who is gearing up to get started with your very own workout routine, there’s one grave mistake that you want to make sure you’re not committing – lifting too light.

There are far too many women who are finally making the commitment to jump on the strength training bandwagon as they realize all the potential benefits that are to be had from it, but then go into the gym and pick up the 5 pound weights thinking this is what will be most appropriate for them.

For the most part, women are scared of lifting anything heavier than the 5-10 pound range as they firmly believe that lifting heavier weights will quickly cause them to get bulky and start looking like a male.

What they don’t realize however is that lifting with heavier weights has potentially the greatest benefits for them, so by shunning them and turning towards the five pounders instead, they’re actually reducing the overall benefits they see from their workout sessions.

You must come to realize that woman will never develop big bulky muscles like a man would simply because they don’t produce the testosterone levels that are necessary to develop this degree of muscle size.

In addition to that, adding muscle mass is an extremely energy intensive process and since most women don’t eat enough calories as it is, they simply will never be supplying enough total energy to develop large amounts of muscle mass.

So put those fears to rest.  Even if you do pick up the 15’s or really push it and try the 20’s or 25’s, you will not develop big bulky muscles. Instead, you’ll be moving one step closer to a lean, curvy and feminine physique.

Let’s put this into perspective for you by illustrating some of the greatest benefits that lifting heavier weights has to offer.


Greater Increases To Your Metabolism


The very first reason to consider picking up some heavier weights is because doing so will actually cause a much greater spike to your metabolism than lifting lighter weights will.

Many women often think that doing high rep, light weight training is the best way to boost their metabolism but this isn’t so.

The metabolic boost you get from your workout will be directly correlated to how much damage you create during that workout session (and how far you push your body past its comfort zone) and doing that light weight high rep training, you just aren’t pushing yourself all that hard.

Sure, you may get tired because you are doing so many reps, but this is simply the muscles wearing out, not real fatigue setting in.

If you perform some heavier weight lifts and fatigue by the time you hit the 8-12th rep, then you’ll really see what muscle fatigue is about and experience far greater metabolic boosts because of it.

Lifting with a heavier rep range will cause your metabolism to become elevated for hours after you’ve completed the workout session, so you’ll continue to burn fat all day long.


Higher Degrees Of Muscle Definition


The second big benefit to lifting heavier weights versus sticking with the five pounders is the fact that you’ll see far greater overall muscle definition when lifting heavier than you would with lighter weights.

When there is more stress load placed onto the muscles the muscle tissues will contact that much harder to get the weight lifted and that will then bring out that definition that you’re looking for.

If you like the idea of looking more toned and being able to see slight muscle definition, heavier weight is what you’re after.

Light weight again won’t challenge the muscles enough to get that tone and definition coming out, thus you really won’t look all that much different after completing your workout sessions.


Greater Everyday Functional Strength Gains



The next big benefit to point out for lifting heavier weights is that by lifting heavier, you’re going to get a whole lot stronger and then this will then transfer over into making your everyday lifestyle movements that much easier.

You’ll effortlessly be able to carry bags of groceries in from the car and when you have to move a heavy box by yourself? No problem – you’ll be able to do it with ease.

How strong you get from your workout sessions will be directly linked to how much weight you’re lifting, so those women who choose to lift light weight just won’t see many strength gains at all.

Their body is already perfectly capable of lifting that much weight so it sees no reason to grow stronger.

When you shake things up though and push the muscles harder beyond what they normally can do, that’s when you see real strength gains taking place.


Improved Physical Performance


Finally, the last benefit to note of lifting heavier is that while you develop these strength increases, this will then transfer over and improve your performance in any other activities you perform.

Whether it’s you cardio training sessions or any sports that you happen to participate in, having a higher level of strength behind you will really improve your overall performance level.

Plus, the stronger your muscles are the less likely you are to become injured while playing or performing those activities, so that proves to be yet another good benefit that you’ll get from increasing your total weight lifted.

So try your best not to be afraid of lifting heavier any longer.  You really must challenge yourself more during your workout because not only will you get better results because of it, but you’ll feel a lot better about your progress as well. Once you start to see what your body really is capable, you will be quite amazed at how strong you really are.

Plus, when you see the results that lifting heavier brings, you’ll be hooked on the heavier weights and will say good bye forever to the light weight dumbbells.

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