Forming Your Six Pack Diet For Success


By: Intense-Fitness Writers

If you’re someone who’s looking to get six pack abs, then it’s time to move away from the ab mats in the gym and start taking a closer look at what you’re doing in the kitchen.

If you’ve ever head the saying, ‘the abs are made in the kitchen’, it’s time to sit up and pay attention because that is precisely the truth that you need to know.

If you don’t have a good diet down pat, you’re never going to realize true success because getting a visible six pack does require you to get down to body fat levels low enough to see that muscle definition.

This typically cannot be obtained with just exercise alone – especially abdominal exercise since it burns so few calories, so instead you need to start making a few adjustments to your diet to get right on track.

Fortunately, with the right adjustments in place this definitely is possible and you can be well on your way to achieving maximum success.

Let’s take a quick look at what you need to know to form a six pack diet for success.


Get Your Calorie Level On Target


The very first thing that you need to do in order to succeed with your goal to get six pack abs is to make sure that you get your calorie level on target.  Basically, you want to eat enough calories that your metabolism stays high at all times, but take the calorie level low enough as well that you create a massive fat loss deficit to get the body turning to body fat stores for energy purposes.

The best way to do this is with a calorie cycling approach.  Rather than taking the calories low each and every day of the week which will just cause the metabolism to crash, consider having some low calorie days as well as some high calorie days in there as well.

This will ensure that you’re shocking your metabolism with what’s coming next so that it never has time to adapt to that very low calorie intake.  One minute it’s burning up fat at an incredibly rapid rate and the next it doesn’t even realizing it’s dieting.


Cycle Those Carbohydrates


Along with cycling your calories, it would also be a great idea to cycle your carbohydrates as well.  Since your carbohydrate intake is so closely tied into your metabolic rate along with your calorie intake, these two must go hand in hand.

You can’t reduce your carbohydrates too much or you’ll never get in those intense workout sessions, but on the flip side, you can’t eat too many carbs or the body will see no reason to turn to body fat stores as a fuel source.

Find the happy medium. Place more carbohydrates on the days you are doing your workout sessions and make your non-workout days almost carbohydrate free apart from vegetables.

This is the way to get extremely lean very quickly and be well on your way to six pack ab success.


Focus On Your Protein Consumption


One vital nutrient that you should really make the foundation of your diet plan when aiming to get six pack abs is protein.

Simply eating protein is going to give you a slight boost to your metabolism since this nutrient requires so much energy just to break down.

Aim to eat at least one gram of protein per pound of body weight each day, if not slightly more to ensure that you don’t start using up your lean muscle mass tissue as a fuel source.

Protein is also extremely satisfying for the body so the more of it you eat, the less hungry you’re likely to feel.

Controlling hunger is a must-do on any fat loss diet because it’s one of the primary things that will ensure that you don’t cheat and move off plan.  Most people have fairly good willpower to stick with a diet but as soon as hunger creeps into the picture, that willpower goes right out the window.


Eat Small Amounts Of Healthy Fats


Moving on to the final macronutrient, while you do definitely want to limit how many fats you’re consuming because of the fact they will contain more calories per gram at nine compared with both proteins and carbs which contain four, it’s still important to get some in with a few of your meals.

The body needs healthy fats to function and by eating them you will help reduce hunger that much further.

Protein and fat based meals tend to keep you feeling satisfied for hours at a time so this is a very easy way to make it simple to stick with your low calorie diet plan.

Just be sure that you take the time to measure out any fat you’re consuming so that you’re taking in the perfect portion size to fit into your calorie intake for the day.


Consider Specific Individual Factors


Finally, make sure not to overlook some individual factors that could prevent you from getting six pack abs.  For instance, some people have food insensitivies to wheat or dairy products so if this is the case for you, eating these could cause you to experience bloating.

While this won’t be true fat gain obviously, it will take away from the overall lean look you’re trying to create so should be avoided as well.

Removing different foods at certain points in your diet can help you pinpoint if they are in fact an issue for you and whether you would be better off without them.

So there you have all the main points to keep in mind about forming a successful diet to help you get six pack abs.  Remember to always try and plan as many of your meals ahead of time as you can so that there’s never any question of what you should be eating and when.

If you take the time to get all of these in proper alignment, then you should have no problem achieving this goal that so many often struggle with.


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