Charlie Keller: Natural Phyisque and Bodybuilding Competitor Talks With Intense Fitness

Charlie Keller BSN Hyper FX

Quick Stats:

Age: 27

Location: Monument, Colorado

Weight Off-Season: 180

Weight Contest: 170

Occupation: Firefighter EMT

Charlie Keller BSN Hyper FX


Professionally- Valedictorian of my fire academy

Martial Arts – 1st degree Black Belt in Chinese Kempo with 20 years of competitive experience. I started at age 7, I have won numerous state championship titles and 1 world championship title.

I am currently undefeated in my class both in bodybuilding and the physique division!

2011 –
NPC Colorado Northern (my first show)-

Novice lightweight bodybuilding- 1st Place
Open lightweight bodybuilding- 1st Place
Novice Bodybuilding Overall Champion

NPC Colorado Southern

Open lightweight bodybuilding- 1st Place
Open Bodybuilding Overall Champion

NPC Colorado Open Natural

Open welterweight bodybuilding- 1st Place

Winner of the BSN Finish First Transformation Contest

NPC Colorado State
Men’s Open Physique class A- 1st Place

-2013 Colorado Firefighter Calendar Model- Benefits go the Children’s Hospital. – Click Here

Tell us a little about yourself and how you got started with training?

Staying fit in the fire service is part of the job. I definitely take it to the extreme. I always have been interested in doing a bodybuilding competition, but it wasn’t until 2011 that I finally pulled the trigger and decided to get on stage.

What is your training philosophy?

I train moderate and heavy weight with pretty high volumes. I leave the gym without anything left in me!

This month BSN is featuring you in a National ad campaign, how does it feel to see yourself in the magazines?

A dream come true!!! I’ve been reading all the muscle magazines since high school. The thought never even came into my head that I would ever be in a muscle magazine. It didn’t sink in until they flew me out to Florida for the photo shoot. Seeing it actually printed still give me goose bumps!

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What prompted the transformation you underwent?

It was time for me to get back in shape for myself, my daughter, and my coworkers. There’s no reason I should be out of shape. I need to keep up with a toddler and also take care of business in a fire.

What kind of changes have you made to your nutrition during the transformation process?

I cut out sugar, even dairy and fruit. This drastically cut down my body fat. I kept my protein high and cycled my carbohydrate intake. My main sources of carbs come from: oats, brown rice, and sweet potatoes.

Charlie Keller

What does your current diet look like?

Egg whites, oatmeal, chicken, tilapia, veggies and brown rice. Some budget cuts have taken steak out of my diet, but I’ll get it back one day.  Most important is that I make sure my daughter is taken care of first!

What does your current training routine look like?

I’m going to stay photo ready for the next year. (Again don’t need excess food bills for a bulking phase!) I’m hitting weights 4 times a week and 6 x 45minute cardio sessions. This with a clean diet has allowed me to stay full and lean.

Did you use any supplements during your transformation? If so, what did your stack consist of?

I loved the BSN supplements stack before I even won their transformation. My stack was Syntha-6 protein, Amino X, N.O. Xplode 2.0. I also take fish oil, vitamin C, and multi vitamin. My newest addition to my BSN supplements stack, is Hyper Shred. It’s their new fat burner. Keeps my energy up and I’m staying lean.

Charlie Keller fire fighter

How often are you performing cardio? Are you doing steady state, low intensity or HIIT?

I do 6 sessions a week. I train HIIT cardio about 99% of the time. Stair mill is what works best for me.

What advice would you give someone who’s getting ready to start their own transformation?

Get your diet and training plan figured out and then stick to it!! You can’t build a house without a blueprint (well a good house I guess).

BSN Supplements stack

What is your favorite motivational quote?

“Real leaders are ordinary people with extraordinary determination.”

What are your future plans with fitness?

The next year will be about staying in photo shape and raising as much money as we can for the Colorado Children’s Hospital with the Colorado Firefighter Calendar events and sales. As of now I only have one more photo shoot with BSN the end of September. I plan on hitting the national stage as a physique athlete sometime in 2013.

If fans want to connect with you, where can they do that?

Would love to connect with fans on Facebook!

Thank you for taking the time do this interview and the best of luck to you!

Thank you!

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