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The Science Of Nutrition: Is a Carb a Carb?

Should you limit your fruit intake to avoid fructose overconsumption? Sure enough, not all carbohydrates are created equal. There are many methods in use to classify carbs and even terms for specific

13 Surefire Muscle-Building Nutrition Tips!

  Maximize your muscle with this baker’s dozen list of dietary maxims.     You know that protein builds muscle. Duh. You know that you want to avoid fast-burning carbs if your

The Deadline Diet: Skip The Bulk And Stay Shredded All Year – A Simple Approach To Nutrition!

    I’m paid to be the guy with the answers. People part with their hard-earned dollars in exchange for me to tell them how to exercise, eat, and sleep, and it’s

The Insulin Spike – What You Need To Know

      By: Intense Fitness Writers   With all the talk in today’s world about what carbs are doing to your body fat levels, you may think that you should be

What To Do When Weight Loss Stalls

By: Intense-Fitness Writers It’s one of the most frustrating things a dieter can face: you’re moving along with your weight loss program and things are going great – you’re seeing fantastic results

Quick Tricks That Promote Faster Fat Loss

  By: Intense-Fitness Writers   If you’re currently on a fat loss diet program, then chances are you’re looking at all the different things that you can do to help boost your

Good Carbs Versus Bad Carbs

  By: Intense-FItness Writers As you move along with your diet program aimed to help you improve the way your body looks and feels, one nutrient that you may very well be

Forming Your Six Pack Diet For Success

  By: Intense-Fitness Writers If you’re someone who’s looking to get six pack abs, then it’s time to move away from the ab mats in the gym and start taking a closer