Bikini Ready Meal Plan For Summer Part 2 of 2


By: Intense-Fitness Writers

With beach season right around the corner, it’s time to start taking action and devising a meal plan that will help you reach your end goal – to look hot on the beach. Whether you’re just heading out for a day at the beach or you have a full-fledged vacation planned, one thing is likely for certain and that is that you want to look your best.

We’ve already provided you with your bikini ready workout program, so now it’s time to take a look at what you should be doing from the diet side of things to ensure that you step on the sand looking your best.

Let’s go over what you need to know.


Planning In Advance


The very first thing that you should be doing if you want to be beach ready is to make sure to plan in advance. Don’t leave losing the last 10 pounds to the last minute – that would just force you to adopt a crash diet plan and would lead you nowhere.

Instead, make sure that you give yourself at least 3-4 weeks of proper eating to shed some weight and enhance your muscle definition.

Nothing is worse than forced dieting because that will only cause you to suffer a slow metabolism and potential lean muscle mass loss.


Your Food Selection


The second thing that you need to make sure you’re doing is choosing your foods properly. For the best bikini body meal plan, protein must be the focus. Protein will lower your appetite, increase your lean mass retention, and help to prevent blood sugar highs and lows.

It should be the main component of each meal and snack that you consume.

Then you’ll want to add some slow digesting carbohydrates to your protein include food choices such as brown rice, oats, quinoa, sweet potatoes, along with moderate amounts of fruits and high amounts of vegetables.

You really can’t get enough vegetables during periods of intense dieting.

For healthy fats, keep these in moderation right now as you are trying to cut your calorie intake and turn to only the healthiest sources. This includes foods such as olive oil, nuts and nut butters, flaxseeds, and avocados. Fatty fish should also be consumed twice per week for omega fats and to help meet your protein requirements.


Perfecting Meal Timing


 Now that you know the foods to concentrate on, you also must think about when you’re eating these. For best results, aim to pair protein and carbohydrate foods together right before and after your workout session, along with earlier in the day when your body needs the fuel.

Then later on when you’re less active, stick with protein and fat based meals as these are what will keep hunger under control and make sure that you maintain rapid fat burning all evening long.

Make sure vegetables are also added as this fibrous carbohydrate source is great at any point throughout the day.


Maximizing Your Metabolism


 Finally, the last thing to note is that it’s vital that you take steps to maximize your metabolism. Any time you reduce your calorie intake down lower, you do run the risk of suffering from a sluggish metabolism, so taking steps to deal with this will be imperative to success.

One of the biggest reasons many people hit a plateau is simply due to the fact that their metabolism has slowed down, so you can handle this situation and move right back on to results.

The best way to deal with this is to actually significantly increase your calorie intake, adding 500-800 calories worth of carbohydrates for two days. This will shock the body, rev up the metabolism, and also help to restore some of the hormones in the body that tend to monitor your fat stores and calorie intake.

With these hormones restored, you’ll experience less hunger and a faster metabolism again.

So there you have everything that you need to know about how to slash fat, while adding muscle tone this summer. If you combine a good workout with a smart diet plan, success can be yours.

Please see below for a sample meal plan.



 ½ cup cooked oatmeal with cinnamon

6 egg whites with salsa and diced veggies

1 banana



Mid-Morning Snack:

 1 cup Greek yogurt

1 sliced apple



 ½ cup cooked brown rice

4 oz grilled chicken breast

steamed broccoli

Mid-Afternoon Snack:

1 can tuna with salsa

sliced carrot and celery sticks

10 almonds



 3 oz salmon

5 spears steamed asparagus


Before-Bed Snack:

 ½ cup cottage cheese

1 tbsp natural peanut butter



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