Got 99 Problems but a Bench Ain’t One: Bench For Reps


The Bench for Reps program is MUCH much more than just a bench workout.


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Sure it has a specific goal of increasing the number of times you

can bench press your bodyweight in 8-weeks but the training

schedule provides the following benefits as well.

Hold up, before telling you about the other benefits remember

this program only has you training 4-days per week for less

an hour per training session.


You don’t need anything else.  Warm up is included, bodybuilding

is included, lower body is included, max effort benching is included

and there’s a metabolic conditioning day so you stay lean.


OK that’s a summary, here’s a break down of training split.


Day 1:  Bench Press Reps Day

Benefit:  Increased Musculature:


Again, when you focus on improving on this test you have one

ultimate goal that is fueled by improving both maximal strength

and muscular endurance.

The body’s response to you focusing on these two aspects of

fitness makes for an extremely anabolic atmosphere in your body.

Increased Testosterone from heavy lifting in conjunction with deep

muscle fiber stimulation from muscular endurance focused work

will yield VERY fast lean muscle growth.


Day 2:  Lower Body Day

Benefit:  Not Having Chicken Legs & Hormones


You gotta train your legs just to stay balanced.  When I was in

high school I remember a guy asking me what those two strings

were doing hanging off my shirt.   When I looked down he laughed

and said, “Oh those are your legs.”  That problem is fixed now, but

don’t be that guy.


Plus with big exercises like the squat and deadlift you’ll release more

muscle building hormones like GH and Test which is the key to growth.


Day 3:  Max Effort Bench Day

Benefit: Increased 1 Rep Max

It’s not just the form that will increase your 1 Rep Max, but

when you focus on trying to improve your Rep Test performance,

you will have to focus on increasing your Maximal Strength as well

as your endurance.

When using a program like this, the periodization will address your

max without you even prioritizing it as a goal. Nice little perk!

Day 4:  Metabolic Conditioning

Benefit:  Decreased Body Fat Levels:


When we are working on muscular endurance and maximal strength

like I discussed above, you won’t only help promote the secretion of

muscle building hormones, but fat burning hormones as well. So you’ll

develop not just tremendous strength, size and stamina, but you will

build a body that will look as good as it performs!


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In Summary Here’s What You Get With Bench for Reps

-You will train four times per week.

-Each session should take less than 1-hour of your valuable time.

-You’ll work all your muscles and train your entire body.  There’s

even a metabolic conditioning session each week to keep you

lean and conditioned.

-The entire program is only 8-Weeks long.

-The program works for the 225-Rep Test and for the Bodyweight

Bench for Reps Challenge.

-Your purchase includes a PDF Manual Workout Guide + Printable

Workout Sheets.

-You’ll also get access to 8 Tutorial Videos that guide you step-by-

step through the entire program


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Bodyweight Training Manual

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Upper Body Training Routines

Lower Body Training Routines

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You’ll find out how you stack up to the pros.

Since it’s only an 8-Week program it’s an easy routine to

stick with until completion.

This is a complete program with max effort, rep days, lower body

days, assistance work and conditioning workouts.

It’s cheaper than flying to Tampa Bay and hiring Chandler

and Mike for $150 an hour each.

This is a really cool Challenge to start the new year off with.

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If you’re serious about reaching your health and strength goals in

2013 we’d love to work with you and get you started on the right path.

This is your year!  The Challenge has been set and we are ready for

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